Textile Objekte – Hoffnungs-voll
Textile Objekte – Hoffnungs-voll
Germany´s coronavirus response – separating fact from fiction
Germany´s coronavirus response – separating fact from fiction
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“The Getty Museum Challenge”– Home Office Art Competition 2020 Week 4

25. April 2020


Do not miss this!!! This week our students absolutely wowed us with their clever and hilarious takes on famous pictures as we joined the Getty Museum Challenge. Originally inspired by a similar competition by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam people were challenged to recreate famous artworks at home while the museums are closed. The #gettymuseumchallenge went viral in hours.

Our students, too, spent some time online in the world’s biggest art galleries – from the Tate Gallery in London to the Uffizi in Florence or our own Kunsthalle – and selected artworks to recreate at home. The results which you simply have to see here are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

It was incredibly difficult to pick the best for us this time as you’d all deserve to win. Mrs. Brunnert finally decided on the take of the “Milkmaid” by Vermeer, which was recreated in so much loving detail by this year 10 student. Mrs. Baigent chose the portrait of a girl painted by Liotard: Look more closely and notice how the posh white rim of the blue gown is in fact toilet paper and our very versatile year 8 student is wearing a sock on her head!

Many students also sent us messages this time describing how the whole family got involved: „Es hat mir sehr viel Spaß gemacht die Art Aufgabe zu machen. Unser Problem war nur, dass wir kein weißes Kleid hatten, doch schnell kam meine Mutter auf die Idee, ihr Brautkleid zu nehmen. Es war mir zu groß aber das war nicht schlimm. Bald bekamen auch meine beiden Schwestern Lust mit zu machen, als Bräutigam und Blumenmädchen. So erweckten wir im Jenischpark einen ziemlich lustigen Eindruck. Es kamen sehr viele schöne Bilder dabei raus und alle waren zufrieden und glücklich. Viele Grüße von der ganzen Familie.“

Congratulations to you all!