Ich mitten in meiner Lebenswelt
Ich mitten in meiner Lebenswelt
My personal power place
My personal power place
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„A pet’s life“ – aus dem Fernunterricht Englisch Klasse 5

25. Januar 2021


A pet´s life

Hello! My name is Emil.
I am a 14-year-old Chihuahua. I really love my life. I am the centre of my family. To make clear what I mean I will tell you about my usual day: Every morning I wake up when I want to. That means that my family has to get up as well. That can be at 7 ´o clock or, if I am in the early mood, at 5 ´o clock.
I am old, I´m allowed to do so.
After doing my business in the garden, I want to go on the couch again. Sleeping, of course. That my family is awake now even if it is Sunday –
I don´t mind. I am old, I´m the determiner.
Unfortunately my family thinks I need to go for a walk. I really don´t understand why. I have a garden?! So after begging me for half an hour, okay, I get up and go to the park with them. It is nice when the sun is shining and it is empty but when it is rainy or busy there, I only want to go home.
I am old, I´ve seen enough.
Home again I want to eat. But only what I want to. Sometimes I just do not feel like chicken. I want to have beef! Why don´t they understand?
I am old, I have moods.
When the evening comes I go to bed. And I mean – totheir bed! Of course I want to choose – Mum´s bed or the one of the funny kid that lives here. (He was so little and cute and nice a few years ago, and now he and his friends are driving me crazy with their modern music and funny names like „Digga“, „Bruda“, „Alda“. And I always thought his name was Rasmus?!
But I´m old – I must not remember everything.
And every night I am lying there I am thinking – Garfield´s life is not half as nice as mine. 😊
I am old. I love my busy days.
by Rasmus, 5a – non-native speaker of English
Der Text entstand im Englischunterricht von Frau Gade.