Big Challenge
Big Challenge
Das Hochrad wird zum Glücksrad – TUSCH Projektwoche im Juli 2015
Das Hochrad wird zum Glücksrad – TUSCH Projektwoche im Juli 2015
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„Stuck“ in… – Live from the English classroom

3. September 2015


Lots of students decide to spend a year abroad in year 9 or 10. Often when you apply to an exchange organisation and want to live in a host family, you can’t choose to which region you will be sent.

In the USA, that basically means that you could end up in any of the fifty states. But – hey! – there is lots to do everywhere! Class 8d presents you their top things to do when „stuck“ in the states they were assigned:

Nebraska: Watch a game at TD Ameritrade parc Omaha baseball stadium

Kentucky: Visit the sights along the Bourbon Trail

Tennessee: Visit Music City, where famous producers have their offices

Iowa: Book a river cruise on the Mississippi

Massachusetts: Go to Coco Key Water Park

Virginia: Visit the National Air and Space Museum

Ohio: Walk in the wilderness

Vermont: Visit the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory

Idaho: Go for a canoe tour on the rivers

Texas: Visit the capital, Austin

Mississippi: Go to the zoo

Louisiana: Visit the French Quarter in New Orleans

South Dakota: Visit the Black Hills, which is a big rock which shows the faces of four American presidents

Utah: Attend the Sundance Film Festival

West Virginia: Visit the Lost World Caverns, which are famous dripstone caves

Wisconsin: Go to Lake Michigan and chill out with friends

Alaska: Go skiing in the mountains and drive a dog sledge

North Dakota: Find a job to have something to do :-)

Michigan: Go to the Michigan Stadium to see a volleyball game

Oregon: Visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium to look at their fish, e.g. the sharks

South Carolina: Visit a concert or comedy act at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena

Indiana: Spend a day at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, which is the biggest children’s museum in the world