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Visit our animal farms!

18. April 2021


Ein Ausflug auf den Bauerhof mitten im Lockdown? Möglich macht das die Klasse 5a. Im Englischunterricht von Frau Gade haben sich die Schülerinnen und Schüler einfach einmal vorgestellt, wie es wäre, selbst einen Bauernhof zu besitzen und laden hier zum Besuch ein. Viel Spaß!

The best animal farm ever

Welcome to the best farm ever in Germany: Henri´s Hilarious Animal Farm. Our beautiful farm is located in Hamburg. It is so exciting here with all the animals and activities with the people. Come to our farm and see with your own eyes how much fun you can have here. It never gets boring!

Are you an animal fan? On our farm there are many activities with animals. You can ride horses, see how hawks fly, feed goats, pet chickens and much more. If you are a dog-lover you will enjoy meeting our two most popular dogs Elmo and Urmel. They are very sweet and playful. But be careful when you give them delicious snacks – they will never let you go.

There are over 150 animals here and lots of activities. We also have 3 restaurants, but only vegetarian food. We love animals so much that we don’t want to eat them!

Our farm is the best farm ever because it is for everyone – children and adults. You don’t have to dream about it anymore, the best farm exists!

So don´t wait – plan your trip to get to know us right away.

Henri, 5a

Hugo´s Huge Animal Farm

My farm Hugo´s Huge Animal Farm is very big and cool. We are one of the largest in the country.

You can play with all animals, for example: horses, pigs, lambs and many more. Do you like stick bread and campfire? We have it all here, but we also have got a café. Of course we have also got a large playground.

With our tractor you can make beautiful and long tours. You can even play hide and seek in the cornfield.

You can also bring a football or basketball. We have a big sports ground. We have trampolines too. You can jump and have fun there.

The opening times are: Tuesday-Sunday, 9am-5pm.

You get here by car, bike, train, bus or river ferry. It’s Corona time so before you visit us you have to register.

Are you curios now? I hope to see you soon!

Your farmer Max Hugo, 5a

How I imagine the perfect animal farm

If you come by car, you drive through a wooden gate. And if you come by bike, you don’t need to get off the bike. After you drive through the gate, you arrive at a parking lot where you park your car.

When you want to go to the animals, you go along a curvy path with nice flowers and rare trees around you. For those getting hungry, there’s a restaurant, which serves all kind of dishes like burgers and salads for those who are on a diet or have other eating preferences. And the funny thing is you get served by kangaroos.

Also, there is a swimming pool with a long waterslide for hot days.  Further, there is a large area in a forest for big game hunting. As a special attraction, there is an animal you don’t find anywhere else in the world:  It is a lion with golden wings. On certain days there is a show with this lion. If you´re lucky, maybe you can fly around with him after the show.

On cold days you can go into a hall which is made of glass. Inside it is very noisy due to all the colorful birds. All the birds are flying around freely. And when you´re unlucky the birds can poop on your head.

And finally, underneath the hall, there is a huge labyrinth, which is populated by hundreds of bats. Some people are said to never have found the way out again.

What about you? What´s your perfect animal farm like?

Rasmus, 5a

Adventure Animal Farm Open again!

Today, visit the biggest adventure animal farm of the country and experience a wonderful day with your parents! Sadly we had to close due to corona, but today we are opening again. What can you expect of the farm?

Small and big animals are waiting for you and super nice employees too! The farm is gigantic and it has got a huge playground where you can play and the animals can walk freely. You can feed and stroke them. In the evenings you can even milk the cows and collect the eggs in the mornings. But that’s not all!

In our workshop you can work with wood from our own forest behind the farm. If you like big farm machines you can also ride along with different types of tractors. But one thing is still missing…

What are your parents going to do during the time you’re having fun? We didn’t forget them.

In the middle of the farm we have built a huge café and restaurant for all your parents and older siblings! In our restaurant we only serve organic foods directly from the farm! The café uses coffee beans that we have grinded ourselves at the farm too! But that doesn’t mean the children have nothing to do at the restaurant. We have extra kids’ menus too.

The best part is, we have animals that don’t even fit in a farm. We have a place for crocodiles and we have a pond with fish. But when is the best time to enjoy our farm? Our opening times for people who want to stay a day are 8 am till 10 pm. If you want to stay longer you are welcome! We have a nice and petite hotel next to the farm for you to stay 24/7!

Okay what are you waiting for? Grab your stuff and come over!

Ben B., 5a

Fanni Farm

Welcome to Fanni Farm: It is a big farm and has got special animals that get a special treatment.

Our sloth Terry is very harmless, he never bites or eats people. He is a very friendly sloth, and you can pet him carefully. He is very slow and sometimes he even smiles. His cage is really big, and his eating area is also huge. He gets very special treatments because a lot of farms do not have sloths. He eats a lot of fruits like apples, mangos, blueberries, raspberries and many more.

We also have two lamas that live in an outdoor cage. One is named Rebecca and the other one is called Samantha. They are sisters and they’re always together. Kids can’t pet them because if someone touches them, they start spitting at that person. Rebecca is light brown and Jessica has a nice black fur. Sometimes they do funny things like jumping up and down and kicking sideward. They don’t like it when many people are around them. But other than that, they’re pretty nice.

Then we have three beautiful flamingos, the first one is called Ava, then we have Anastasia and at last we have Amelia. They are all pink and live in a big area extra made for flamingos outside. Ava is the oldest, so she mostly watches her siblings. She loves to tell them what to do and she’s the leader of the group. Then Anastasia is the second oldest, she is very shy and doesn’t like people. But if someone tells her what to do, she does it and she always listens. The last flamingo is called Amelia, she is definitely not shy, and she loves being around humans and she also likes it when someone pets her gently. Sometimes Amelia doesn’t listen – but not always – just when she gets bored.

The last animal at Fanni Farm is our unicorn. It is named Starlight, she lives in the sky and you get there when you use the rainbow train, which rides the rainbow. When you stop at the sky station there is a huge cloud just for our unicorn Starlight. She eats sweets like cotton candy and marshmallows. Her fur is white, but her mane is in colorful rainbow colors. She gets the best treatment at our farm.

The workers here are my mom and my sister. We always try to keep everything organized and clean. Our farm is very special, so come and have lots of fun at Fanni Farm.

Fanni, 5a