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Be a part of Art!

At Gymnasium Hochrad, Art is one of the strongest bilingual subjects. It is taught from grade 7 onwards. So what are the benefits of Art in English?

  • In Art you will experience and use English in a natural way. There are not only classroom discussions, but also informal chats, one-to-one talks about art works, questions about materials etc. Sometimes you will even make art works in which the language itself is used creatively.
  • In Art you will use English in a relaxed setting in which language mistakes don’t matter much. So there’s nothing to be afraid of. Just try it out!
  • Art allows you to learn English without any extra effort. All students so far agreed that you get used to it very quickly and that it really isn’t difficult at all.
  • In Art, you don’t just talk and read. Because you are creatively using materials, it is also about non-verbal communication. To help with any language problems you can often simply point at something if you don’t know how to say it.
  • The Art teachers at Hochrad are not only Art and English teachers; in fact all of us even studied Art abroad in English speaking countries. Sometimes students even find it funny when they hear one of the Art teachers talking German outside class because they are so used to our special Art environment in English.
  • Having fun using a foreign language can be a wonderful experience!

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