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Social Science Unterricht am Gymnasium Hochrad

In Social Sciences – „SocSc“ – we analyse political, economic and social questions.

SocSc is taught in year 7 and 8, as well as in year 10 as an elective. Students in year 11 and 12 can choose the bilingual course of study „Life on Earth„, in which SocSc is the core subject.

With the younger students, we talk about the development of family structures, childhood around the world, and consumer rights. We go on by exploring the world of law.

In year 10, we take an international perspective and discuss recent developments in the EU and UN. In a simulation, we e.g. try to stop a pandemic from spreading.

With the advanced SocSc classes, we look at complex problems and analyse them from various perspectives: Are we prepared to fight global warming, or are we heading into a worldwide catastrophe? What will the society of the future look like? What have our smartphones got to do with civil war in Africa? What are the social and economic consequences of feticide in India and China?

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