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Drama is special. Here, emotions take centre stage. Here, you can shout with joy, scream with rage, howl in despair or burst into hysterical laughter. Here, you can pretend to be somebody else for a while. Here, you can explore how your body can help you to walk and gesture like an old person or a child, to express ease or stress, to amuse or move the audience. Here, you learn how to project your voice so that it will fill a large room.

Drama is an additional course for all students in year 6. There is also an optional drama club in English for years 5 and 6. As a subject in its own right, drama can be chosen as an elective in years 10-12.

With practical exercises (lots of acting, little talking) we’ll first prepare the ground. Aspects covered include body language, creating visual interest, stage presence, status battles and theatrical rhythms. After that, we’ll enter the project phase. Here, we need your creativity, your courage and your commitment! To crown it all, each drama class leads up to one major public performance. Are you ready for the challenge? We bet you are!

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