New media – enhancing or threatening democracy?
New media – enhancing or threatening democracy?
Die Linie verlässt das Papier und geht nach draußen
Die Linie verlässt das Papier und geht nach draußen
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Wanderlust – Home Office Art Competition Week 8

14. Juni 2020


Most of us have been stuck at home for the majority of the past months and we are all experiencing wanderlust. This term, which is used in both German and English, expresses a strong desire to travel. With the summer holidays upon us, where would our students like to travel to? What is possible in these unprecedented times? Our imagination knows no limits which the winning entries of Ms Baigent and Ms Brunnert’s Year 7-S2 Art classes show.

Faraway and nearby places, tropical and homemade beaches, unexplored and well-known corners of the world as well as secluded and deserted locations express our students desire to explore, travel, unwind and relax in a safe environment.  At second glance many of the images reveal a hidden oddity and truth.

Look for magical ways that allow us to slide or step into remote landscapes from our balcony or home. Look for a masked Statue of Liberty, a moving body with numerous eyes because it cannot decide where to travel first or a sun turned literally orange.

Because there was such a big variety of good entries to choose from, Ms Brunnert daringly decided to pick 4 winners: first, the Sunshine State in Pink from a year 8 student. Second, a year 7 student’s tropical beach seen through a milky haze which appears close but yet so far. Third, the Hafencity canal turned into a make-shift beach by a year 11 student and fourth, a year 11 student dreaming of a Parrot of Hope.

Mrs Baigent picked a Year 9 student’s secluded landscape where a red boat is just waiting for us to explore the mystery of the blue lake. Whatever mystery you are going to explore this summer holiday, stay safe and enjoy your well-deserved rest.

A big Thank You to all the winning entries and participants of our Home Office Art Competitions in the last 8 weeks, which is now drawing to a satisfying close.


Virginia Brunnert & Friederike Baigent