Findling ist angekommen
Findling ist angekommen
housemusic: künstlerische Projekte aus dem Homeschooling
housemusic: künstlerische Projekte aus dem Homeschooling
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Sculptures at Home

7. März 2021


The benefits of Art in Lockdown

As nice as it is to build things out of clay and other Art materials in school, at home our students have a range of other exciting materials to work with. During lockdown we took that amazing opportunity to work in totally new ways.

Mrs. Baigent’s Art classes in year 8 and 9 explored sculpture in more unusual ways than it would have been possible in school. With the help of a little materials package containing odd things such as beer mats and balloons and everything flying around the household from cheese graters to furniture they created the most inspired sculptures. These last weeks they had to:

  • Sort something in an absurdly strict way like the artist Martin Creed does.
  • Make a three-dimensional copy of an object in another very different material, which was inspired by the artist Claes Oldenburg and others.
  • Build an abstract sculpture from beer mats on or around something found in the kitchen – after we had a look at some of the more abstract works by Antony Gormley.
  • Build a sculpture using one balloon in or around another object that deals with the empty space like we saw in Rachel Whitereads amazing sculptures.

The gallery here shows a little selection from the 200 sculptures that were built, documented and sent in. Truly worth a look, so do check out our creative talents!